All work and all clay: Kat Habib

Most artists are struggling artists, one way or the other, but Kat Habib struggles mostly to find the time to be an artist. When she’s actually practicing art, hey — no problem.


From Bach to the blues to . . . Bill Harris

The fifth video in the Artists of Rappahannock series is different from the rest — for one, it’s a profile of a musician rather than visual artist: renowned jazz pianist Bill Harris, who shares a historic home in Flint Hill with his wife, Stella Liong, Rappahannock’s only resident dentist.


Video #4: A touch of glass

Stained glass artist Patricia Brennan

For the fourth video in the Artists of Rappahannock series, Patricia Brennan of De’Danann Glassworks talks about her longtime love of the light and color that is stained glass — and how she’s managed to make a living, raise a family, learn new techniques and more during her nearly four decades as a stained glass artist in the mountains of Sperryville, Va.


Video #3: The impressionist

The third Artists of Rappahannock video, part of a series exploring the symbiotic relationship of art and nature in Rappahannock County, Va., focuses on impressionistic oil painter Nedra Smith of Washington.


New artist video: Bob Lucking

In our continuing series of videos on the Artists of Rappahannock, we move down the road a bit — and up a steep, narrow lane — for a brief visit with Sperryville furniture craftsman and mountain man Bob Lucking.


Artists of Rappahannock video series: Launched!

Maggie Rogers in her Sperryville printmaking studio.

This first video in my Artists of Rappahannock series is a brief visit with Maggie Rogers in Sperryville, Va., where Maggie’s printmaking studio shares the building with her family’s coffee roastery, and from which Maggie also pursues her love of hiking, nature and gardening.