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Synergist Media is pretty much a catch-all for my diverse interests and projects — some of which grew out of my many years as a newspaper reporter and editor; some from my good fortune to meet, work with and eventually marry Charmaine Lee — dancer, teacher, therapist, meditation coach and muse; others from a lifetime of playing, composing and recording music; still others from more recent years of website design, social media consulting, photography and, since 2017, video work. (My indispensible video production partner is Luke Christopher, peerless photographer, cinematographer — and son.)

Home for Charmaine and me is the rolling Blue Ridge countryside of Rappahannock County, Va. Should you have a project that involves any (or, ideally, all) of the above, email me at roger AT synergistmedia DOT org or fill out the contact form on the left.

— Roger Piantadosi