It's funny, but I started composing (and eventually producing) music for film and video about 25 years before I started making actual videos. In any case, for me, the most important first step when starting a new video is still choosing the right music. More often than not over the past couple of years, I've either chosen something from my own growing library, or (because I can't help it) composed something new specifically for a new video project.

(Some of my music, most of it dance-y pieces that grew out of playing keyboards and percussion live for my wife Charmaine's SynergyDance classes in Washington, D.C. for a couple of decades, is available on CD Baby and iTunes. If you're interested in downloading or licensing any of the pieces here for your own use, please drop me a line.)

Groots Music

Mellow, optimistic piece for piano and string ensemble.


Dynamic, mellow but driving piece for "hang" drum and percussion. Used in the Artists of Rappahannock/Kat Habib video.


Piano-driven, reflective and optimistic piece with guitar/percussion. Used in the Hinson Ford Cider & Mead video.


Solo piano. A hopeful and reflective piece.

Wind Spinner

A quirky, percussive piece for marimba, dulcimer and processed banjo (yes, all true).

Gone Clubbing

Electronic and driving, kinda retro, and . . . short.


A reflective, hopeful piece driven by piano. Used in the Artists of Rappahannock/Nedra Smith video.

Forest Ritual

Atmospheric and building, with female vocal improvisations and lots of cellos.

It's Me!

Happy and upbeat piece of pop music, driven by a Hammond B-3 organ.


Atmospheric, building and reflective piece with harp, digeridoo, piano and legato strings. Used in Artists of Rappahannock/Bob Lucking video.

High Road

An optimistic and quirky piece for piano.

Hide and Seek

A dynamic, driving little electric piano, bass and drum interlude.

Air Cooled

Retro electronic romp for whistle flute, driving guitar and drums.

Brazilian Breeze

Soft, relaxed, melodious and percussive, with piano and acoustic guitar.