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You might want to check out my blog post on "Motional," released in July 2020.

It's funny, but I started composing (and eventually producing) instrumental music for film and video about 25 years before I started making actual videos. In any case, for me, the most important first step when starting a new video is still choosing the right music. More often than not over the past couple of years, I've either chosen something from my own growing library, or (because I can't help it) composed something new specifically for a new video project.

Bandcamp is where, as of July 2020, you can find two albums' worth of my piano- and percussion-driven tracks — from calming to dance-y, from happy to hopeful and reflective — compositions and grooves that grew out of two decades of playing keyboards and percussion live for my wife Charmaine's SynergyDance classes in Washington, D.C.