Motional (Original music release, July 2020)

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If you're like me, music just makes you happy — or makes you feel like dancing, or dreaming, or hits the precise notes to put you at peace with the world. That's the sort of music I hoped to make here, and the music I sit down and try to make whenever ideas rush in. It almost always starts with piano. Sometimes the whole band (or virtual orchestra) shows up, sometimes not. Sometimes there's not even a piano.

A lot of these tracks have their roots and inspiration in SynergyDance ( and especially its founder (and my beloved), Charmaine Lee — whose loving and adroit input remains, over the last five or six years of composing mostly for video, an essential part of music-making for me. Also, I owe much of what I know of percussion and rhythm to the wonderful Washington, D.C.-based percussionist, my friend Steve Bloom.

I hope these tracks make your trip go faster, or slower, as needed.

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