1000 Faces Mask Theater performance

The Project: Luke and I shot and edited 1000 Faces Mask Theater's performance of Peggy Schadler's latest show, "Another Crack in the Cosmic Egg," on Sept. 28, 2019 at Castleton Festival Tent in Castleton, Va.

The Client: 1000 Faces Mask Theater, Sperryville, Va.

Details: After we worked out lighting and the three-camera shoot, this was straightforward fun. The show itself was a grand example of Peggy's unique talent for dead-on cultural criticism — as well as for designing and helping create some amazing masks and costumes — and then corralling dancers, singers, musicians and performers (veterans and first-timers alike) into a cohesive show for the whole family. The show ended, as usual, with the audience jumping up to dance on stage with the performers while Wendy Sirat's excellent ensemble transformed itself into the ultimate party band — and we were able to catch all that extra-happy energy on video, too.

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